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  1. Hi, 

    Great tutorial.
    I am trying to relink mxf proxies I made in your first tutorial back to their original 4k resolutions in Redcine x pro.
    I create the EDL fine, and follow the instructions on how to import the edl into redcine x pro, however i’m becoming stuck when the system crashes. 
    Can you confirm some details for me? 
    What exactly am I selecting in the “Original R3D Directories” in RCXP? are these each and every single r3d file, or just the folders, or even the volume or harddrive i’m using?
    At the end of the process, I click import and I have a search box come up. I’ve been assuming I need to select the EDL created, as the only options are for edl, xml etc file types. 
    Then as I hit import, Redcine X pro crashes, and nothing more happens. 
    What am I doing wrong!

  2. dfruk Dave, I’m not sure whether you’re following what I had written. I did specifically state that ALE does not relink audio automatically. You need to use the AAF method for AutoSync.

    I haven’t tested this particular workflow thoroughly, so I really cannot tell you what lies ahead. There are too many variables.

    Generally speaking, though, I would proceed because you’re finishing at your system. Everything stays on your timeline. If you do have any hiccups you can manually correct a few clips here and there. Chalk it up to the pain of learning.

  3. Hi, I know you posted this awhile ago but I’m hoping you’ll see this question. I followed your advice and imported the .ale files into my avid bin, then relinked to the .mxf files I had copied into the “Avid Mediafiles” folder. No problems at all, and the audio relinked as well as the video. But then I read in Avid’s guide that it is better to first import the .AAF, then import the .ale and “merge with known sources”. They specifically warn, “Don’t just import the ALE file with the AAF files and then use “Relink” to the media. While this works in many scenarios, it does not allow linking to audio, and can become unlinked in certain processes during the post-production process. An ALE file is a logging and metadata transfer file and does not contain all of the relationship information of the master clip to media essence as does the AAF.” 

    Unfortunately, I’ve already done it the way they recommend against, and I’m wondering if it’s worth redoing all of this before I really dig into the edit. I have already begun autosyncing the .ale-based clips and would have to redo all of that if I want to use Avid’s recommended method. Do you know if these downsides are real, i.e. something I should worry about? We should in 5K HD on the Epic Dragon and I will probably do a 1080p finish in Avid. I’m cutting with DNX 36 files and would master using DNX 175x.

    Thanks for any help you can give.

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