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  1. Hey there!
    This post is super informative but I am left with one hitch; my friends and I have shot a short film on the RED and I am trying to transcode via Redcine X to avid… Problem is I am getting one folder per take/clip, meaning there are going to be a TON of folders and ALEs to sort through while bringing all the dailies into the avid. Is there a way I can do a mass export per card where all the mxfs are exported to one folder and there is one ALE for the entire card? Many thanks!

  2. I followed the steps precisely, I’m doing subfolders but it’s only creating an XML and MXF, no AAF folder. Why is this happening? Thanks!

  3. Quick question.  If you do create subfolders, can you still do a batch import into Avid and how would that work?

  4. Sareesh Sudhakarangrandosegood 
    we are shooting a 12-15 minute short on the red. our goal is to end up with the awesome 2k/4k footage as deliverable in the form of internet and blu ray. we would only do a dcp if a festival required it.

  5. grandosegood I don’t have any R3D files, but you can get them from a google search. Regarding your second question, Avid works better with DNxHD, but it would totally depend on what you’re trying to accomplish.

  6. Hello, this is a wonderful tutorial!  I have a few questions.

    1) Do you have any type of red footage or links to r3d files that i can practice with?
    2) If im not sure if i’m going to go back to redcine or finish in avid, should i just make intermediaries anyway? would that not be considered “industry standard?”

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