7 replies on “The Blackmagic Cinema Camera CinemaDNG Workflow with Adobe Premiere Pro”

  1. Did Adobe ever address the ACR issue in Premiere? My experience with RAW Cinema DNGs in Premiere (both Black Magic and Atomos Shogun Inferno) is awful compared to DaVinci in terms of look, but it would be so much faster if Adobe could get this right. I’m still using the Resolve back-up workflow.

  2. When I import the DNG into Premier Pro CC it has a gross pink color overlayed on it. What could be causing that problem?

  3. My experience with Resolve 10 is that my DNG’s have nowhere near the dynamic range control as they do inside ACR in AE.  But AE and ACR write each file VERY slowly… which adds about 20 hrs of processing to a simple interview!  Resolve can write DNG’s to intermediate codecs for editing in seconds.. What gives?

  4. Have you talked to Adobe? Any idea on how long this will take them to fix it? The DNG files open just fine in photoshop. Seems like it should be a simple fix.

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