The Sony A7s Guide: The only guide you’ll ever need to make Cinematic Videos

Sony A7s Guide

I have been working for months on the Sony A7s Guide, and I’m delighted to announce it is now officially available for purchase at!

Why do you need a guide?

The Sony A7s is a camera that is capable of cinema-quality images, but it doesn’t do it automatically. The learning curve is complicated, to put it mildly.

It takes months of testing and trial and error to really understand what the A7s is capable of, and how to get the best images from it. That’s exactly what I’ve done for you. I’ve done all the testing to distill the essence, so you can breeze through the guide and start shooting immediately.

What is the Sony A7s Guide?

The Sony A7s Guide is a detailed guide that will show you how to:

  • Configure your camera for best results, with explanations and settings
  • Rig your camera with low-cost gear, so you can shoot professional videos without looking bad
  • Use the Atomos Shogun to get the best 4K videos from the camera
  • Work with S-Log2 – from exposing to grading – in Premiere Pro, Speedgrade, Resolve and FCP-X!
  • Shoot timelapses, and
  • Get the best audio from the camera.

The above list only scratches the surface. Click this link to see a detailed menu with sample videos on what’s available. In short, it’s the only guide you’ll ever need as far as the Sony A7s is concerned.

What fans have to say about the Guide:

Here are some testimonials from current users of the guide:

Sareesh has a gift for digesting high volumes of complicated technical information and present it using a clear, concise, writing style that empowers the reader. Also, he includes embedded videos to further illustrate and expand on each subject. If you want to master the potential of the Sony A7s and use it to express the content of your video effectively … this is the only A7s manual you will ever need.  

– Howard, Los Angeles, California

I earn my life with my canon 5d since 2010. Time to update my equipment came and I decided to jump to the Sony A7s. Well.. camera is great. I know, but more than this I wanted to save time and money in learning quickly not only how the camera works but how to make the best of it, especially the work flow. … I follow this blog since a year and I did not doubt that the guide had to be as extensively technic and incisive as Sareesh’s reviews. And indeed it is. Its like making a seminar o course of a extended DIT dslr course rather than just a guide of the settings of the camera. Yeah, I recommend it.

– Víctor Luengo, Madrid, Spain.

The Wolfcrow a7s guide has been a great practical help to me since I decided to change from a couple of Canon XHA1’s to the full frame sensor Sony A7s. It covers a wide range of relevant topics like picture profiles and Slog 2 etc.leading on to colour grading and various options for achieving cinematic results from this kit…also lens options and info on audio gear are discussed. I like the fact that it offers great links and advice on accessories like cages and lighting options that are suited to my tight budget. The collection of videos that demonstrate the practical use of the camera in the field give this guide a solid backbone of knowledge that can be referred back to continuously…plus loads of tech info on 4k out to the atomos shogun…and much more..that I’m still working through..So a big thank you to Sareesh for producing this guide.

– Tim O Dwyer, Limerick, Ireland.

Great guide for all A7s ins en outs. Learned a lot. Not cheap, but value for money.

– martijn van der veen, amsterdam, netherlands

One of the most impressive aspects of wolfcrow is the ease with which Sudhakaran explains very complex and technical information.

– Robert lacroix, Halle Saale, Germany

Who is the guide for?

The guide is designed for both:

  • those who are totally new to shooting and the Sony A7s, and need step-by-step instructions, and
  • for those who are working professionals or serious enthusiasts looking to maximize image quality for cinematic results.

If you are busy and just want the answers, or if you want step-by-step instructions, it’s all there. If you want detailed image analysis with 4 hours of videos and tons of downloadable high-resolution stills for study, it’s yours for the taking as well. I’ve spent months wrestling with the A7s and the Atomos Shogun so you can have the luxury to pick and choose.

It’s the first guide of its kind, and is definitely a first as far as wolfcrow is concerned. Whatever free stuff I’ve published about the A7s, this guide takes it to a whole new level. In fact, it crashes right through the ceiling and goes where no guide has gone before.

Click here to see the Sony A7s Guide, available now.