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What are the Stages of Post Production for Cinema?

A quick overview of the post production workflow for cinema.

In this video I explore the different stages of post production for cinema – from the editing all the way to delivery, audio and archival.

It is intended for newcomers who want a quick overview of the post production pipeline and what it entails. Watch it here:

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List of stages and links to learn more

Please feel free to explore each subject in greater detail with the links below:

  1. Storage
  2. Editing
  3. Conforming
  4. Color Grading
  5. Finishing and Mastering
  6. Creating Deliverables
  7. Sound Editing
  8. Music
  9. Sound Mixing
  10. Archiving

Download the entire Infographic by right clicking and selecting Save As…:


6 replies on “What are the Stages of Post Production for Cinema?”

Sareesh, You are going to rock the film world. Best tutorial on Post production. Great experience capture. Thanks a lot!

Sareesh: thanks for doing such a clear job explaining a complex workflow frame work. I’d like to throw some thoughts in if I might. As much as you and others might like Premier, it is a far cry from Media Composer (Avid). Full disclosure, I am a Avid Certified Instructor. But I started in Premier decades ago, them moved to Final Cut Pro, then Avid. There are so many critical things that Premier either does not do or fails in the attempt that are vital to professional editing, it’s just not a contender…yet. Sure, there are the odd feature and lots of indy films cut together in Premier, but when it comes to the shear crush of media, short timeframes and inter-operability required for a serious feature or series TV show, it’s hands down Avid. Will Adobe step up in the future? I would think so. I know this will start a flame war. Conversation is good.
Robert Trim
Assoc. Prof. Digital Media
Ut. Valley University
Avid Certified Instructor
DIT Certified.

Nicely compiled and informative. It can be a dry subject to follow at best, but I think you did a good job of keeping it moving forward at a timely pace. Thank you for sharing this.

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