Driving Miss Digital

A New Town

Paul finds out where Bob and Cathy are. Will everyone welcome them back?

Bob and Cathy were alive!

And they lived far away from both Wolfcrow and Digitown – within a small community of people, all nomads like themselves. All lovers like themselves. They lived under tough conditions, and struggled to make ends meet.

“What’s the name of the place?” Paul asked.


“They call it Rawtown.”

“They were exiled, why bring them back!” The Mayor thundered. But he took Paul aside and whispered: “Is my daughter there, too?”

“Everyone is. No other town welcomed them, so they found their own space.”

Not everyone was empathetic. “They chose to leave, so they must stay out.” These voices were not many. Rawtown was the new reality, and something that had to be contended with.

“Don’t come crying back after you’ve seen your children. If they’d cared about you, they’d have returned by now!”

Together, a group of people from Wolfcrow, whose children had run away, traveled to Digitown. They hoped to make peace. Also, they had to pass Digitown to get to their destination.

The Mayor of Digitown had heard about Rawtown. She didn’t care for it at all. “We don’t need Raw,” she hissed.

But there were a few who didn’t feel like she did, the ones whose children had run away with the children who had run away from Wolfcrow. They might not have liked the forced union, but they were used to making sacrifices for their kids. It didn’t take long for them to make up their minds.

Paul led from the front. It was his tip, and his son had left first. Teddy was next to him, not to be outdone. Together, analog videographer and digital videographer walked. Together, analog sound recordist and digital sound recordist walked. Together, the group of in-laws who didn’t like each other marched to find their children, towards Rawtown.

It was a long walk. Rawtown was so far away it had taken years for its existence to become known.

Along the way, the in-laws became friends. Then they became family.

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