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Hi, I’m Sareesh Sudhakaran

I am an award-winning filmmaker and cinematographer who has been making films since 2002. 

In 2010, I wrote, produced and directed The Impossible Murder, a locked room murder mystery set in the heart of rural India. Certified U/A, it has a running length of 82 minutes, and has more than 1.5 million views on YouTube.

I’m self-taught, my experience comes from the school of hard knocks. Now my knowledge is yours for the taking.

Sareesh takes his already thorough and practical ‘free’ tips and articles and goes far beyond the basics in his guides.

If you are looking for information that you can understand and put to work immediately, you owe it to your work to check out everything he publishes.


“Sareesh has a gift for digesting high volumes of complicated technical information and present it using a clear, concise, writing style that empowers the reader.

Also, he includes embedded videos to further illustrate and expand on each subject.”


Filmmaking for beginners

Enter the world of filmmaking and learn everything there is to know about it.

Learn Filmmaking

Cinematography for beginners

If you’re new to exposure, shutter speeds, camera angles, choosing cameras and so on, start here.

Learn Cinematography

Master Camera Angles and Movement

Take your cinematography skills to the next level with these advanced techniques, and learn how the great masters did it.

Master Camera Angles

Learn Film Lighting

Light like a professional and deliver cinematic films. Film lighting separates the men from the boys.

Learn Film Lighting

Camera Reviews and Guides

Which camera is best? Dive into my detailed camera reviews, comparisons and guides.

Learn About Cameras

“Sareesh is an amazing teacher. I was looking for a guide like this for quite some time and am happy I came upon this.”


“Sareesh has in-depth knowledge in all aspects of video /cinema production work.”


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