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What is wolfcrow.com?

Wolfcrow is the best place to learn cinematography and filmmaking.

Here are all the moving pieces:

  • Articles on cinematography and filmmaking. Start browsing from the menu on top.
  • Videos on cinematography, camera angles, camera movement, film lighting, camera reviews, camera guides, film analysis, and lots more. Check out our YouTube channel.
  • Paid Guides for filmmaking, lighting and for cameras. Learn more.
  • Lifetime Access to get access to tons of exclusive perks. Coming soon.

Some FAQs

Why does this site exist?

Read our Mission Statement here.

When did wolfcrow.com go live?

wolfcrow.com went live in ‘beta mode’ in May 2012. wolfcrow.com went officially live on September 14th, 2012.

Here’s what the front page looked like over the years:


Can we advertise on wolfcrow?

wolfcrow is not accepting any advertisements.

Are you on social media?


Why the name wolfcrow?

The name has nothing to do with animals or birds, or anything symbolic.

Wolfcrow (or wolfkrow) is workflow spelled backwards. Yikes!

About Sareesh Sudhakaran

My name is Sareesh Sudhakaran, and I’m the one behind this whole mess. I live in Mumbai, India.

I find myself in a very odd position – of having an electrical and electronics engineering degree, average writing skills, average coding skills (C and Python) and being a professional filmmaker and amateur photographer. I like putting my thoughts down, and I type faster than I can write. Oh, and I’ve also marketed real estate worldwide and produced and directed my own feature film.

To find out more about me and my IMDb page, you can visit my personal website.

Some FAQs

Can I pay or hire you to write for another website or publication?


Are you available for seminars, private coaching or workshops?

I’m considering workshops in India. If you’re interested, fill out this quick form.

For seminars or private coaching, not at this time.

Are you available for consultations?

Yes. I charge USD 499/hr, with a ten-hour minimum commitment, paid fully in advance. Non refundable. Payments via Paypal only. If you’re absolutely certain I’m your man, let me know. No tire kickers please.

Where can I see your work?

Check out our limited showreel here:

Can I write for you?

Yes! Guest posts are welcome as long as they conform to the subjects we caters to. Here’s what we look for:

  • Simple, well written articles that strive to improve workflows. No news, announcements, press releases, sponsored posts, ramblings, etc.
  • Articles must be at least 3,000 words long. Try to focus on only one subject.
  • You must own the rights to any videos and photographs.
  • The article shouldn’t be published anywhere else.
  • You give Wolfcrow the exclusive right to host and publish it indefinitely on wolfcrow.com, if we see fit.
  • If you republish this article elsewhere, you give wolfcrow.com the right to delete it completely. We will also delete every other article you may have written and published on wolfcrow.com, without warning or communication. The same applies if you have spammy or phishing or dangerous links of any kind within the article.
  • You are open to the idea of it being edited or modified if necessary. Wolfcrow reserves the right to make layout, typographical, structural and grammatical modifications without your permission.

In return, Wolfcrow will give you:

  • Money. Yes, we pay. The amount is a fixed fee (not based on hits or popularity). How much? That depends on the quality of the article and your history with us.
  • Authorship. You keep the rights. And the responsibility.
  • A link to your blog or website at the end, along with a short bio and thumbnail photograph if you want it.

If you feel you want to contribute, contact us with the finished article. Please don’t email with ideas or questions as to what articles we need. Completed, proof-read and ready-to-go articles only.

Can we send gear for review or testing?

Yes, but first of all you need to know that I’m based in Mumbai, India.

Still here? Then here are the terms:

  • You must make gear available through your local dealer, and they can deliver it to me. I do not accept shipments due to customs delays and duties. If you have to ship, you must hire a shipping agent to handle all formalities. I can’t be bothered.
  • I am not obligated to respond, endorse, review or write anything about your company or gear.
  • I will not return any gear or equipment you send, and am under no obligation to pay for it in any manner.
  • I will not sign any document, form or NDA.
  • If I do review, my review will reflect my opinions on the product sent. Good or bad, you agree to accept its publication without interference from you or the representatives of your company.
  • I do not accept payments for reviews, and you cannot pay for sponsored reviews or posts. There is no cash transaction.

If all these terms are acceptable, send me an email via the contact form.

Can we use your material for school, university, education, non-profit, etc.?

There are different kinds of media:


Videos published on YouTube are embeddable, which means you can embed them wherever you please as long as YouTube allows it. As a courtesy though, it would be great if you could link back to wolfcrow.com and clearly mention who the author/producer of the video is.

Videos published on YouTube or Vimeo cannot be downloaded, and that is illegal.

Can I playback videos as part of classroom training?

You can playback my videos directly from YouTube/Vimeo or wolfcrow.com, as long as you correctly attribute it to me and wolfcrow.com. Proper attribution and hyperlinks are mandatory.

Can I download videos for ______?

You cannot download videos and host them elsewhere, nor distribute or share them, nor sell them or offer them as course material to paying students. These videos cannot be exhibited for any commercial activity or to an audience from whom money has been (or will be) taken by the exhibitor for whatever reason.

Articles or Blog posts

You can link to the article or blog, and maybe include a few words as summary for promotion, as long as you correctly attribute it to me and wolfcrow.com. Copying the entire article verbatim isn’t allowed for any reason.

Proper attribution and hyperlinks to source are mandatory.

Images or Infographics

You can link to the image and link back to wolfcrow.com and clearly mention who the author/creator of the image is. Proper attribution and hyperlinks are mandatory.

Images published on wolfcrow should not be downloaded, sold, shared or distributed under any circumstances for any reason.

Can we pay you for any rights?



Disclaimer and Full Disclosure

This website/blog is my personal blog and reflects my views exclusively. Products that I review or write about may have been provided to me by people or parties with an interest in seeing those products succeed. The opinions expressed by those who comment on my blog are theirs alone and they do not necessarily reflect my opinions. While every effort is made to ensure that the views and opinions are unbiased and impartial, no guarantees or disclaimers are provided in this regard. I make no representations as to accuracy, completeness, currentness, suitability, or validity of any information on this site and will not be liable for any errors, omissions, or delays in this information or any losses, injuries, or damages arising from its display or use. All information is provided on an as-is basis. I bear no liability for any losses, monetary or otherwise, that you may suffer because of an assumption of impartiality or lack of bias or motivation in the content on this blog.

The product links on this website are Amazon and/or B&H affiliate links mostly. If it isn’t, it’s because I made a mistake while coding my HTML. The reader should assume that all links are affiliate links. Unless I have stated otherwise, you should always assume that when products or services are made reference to, they are made because there exists a material connection between the website owner and the providers of the products and services displayed. It should be noted that this is not always the case.

When it comes to buying products or services when using the internet, it is recommended that you should always conduct your own investigations. This includes buying any products or services sold from this website and all other websites.

The owner of this site will always recommend products and services based in part on a good faith belief that the supply of such products or services will help the person obtaining them. The owner has good faith belief, because the owner has either tried the products or services prior to making any recommendations, or the owner has researched the products or services based on the supplier’s history. The recommendations made by the owner about the products or services are honest opinions based on facts known to the owner at the time a product or service is mentioned on the website.

The owner’s opinion about a product or service may be partially formed in part on the fact that the owner is likely to receive compensation for the product or service. The nature of the relationship is sufficient to establish a material connection between the owner and the provider. There will be instances where the owner will not receive compensation relating to the products or services on this website. You should assume that the owner has a material relationship with the product or services suppliers, because the owner has received or is likely to receive something of monetary value from the supplier. You should always perform your own due diligence before purchasing a product or service mentioned on this website.

We are NOT a Non-Profit company and this is NOT a non-profit blog or website.

Privacy Policy

Click here to read the wolfcrow.com privacy policy.

Comment Policy

Your comments are public and are available for the world to see. Consider this before you write. If you want your comment deleted, I’ll honor your request, but only if there are less than three in number. More than that, and you must pay me for my time.

I’m under no obligation to host your speech or comments. I can and will edit and/or delete comments I don’t like (for whatever reason, sometimes even without reason). If you’re not comfortable with that, don’t comment.

I have zero tolerance for Threats, Insults, Third-party affiliate links, Profanity, Lewdness, Racism, Religious Bias, Sexual Bias, Off-topic Comments, Spam, Abuse, Stupidity, Fools and Trolls.

Other than this I welcome your comments, feedback, suggestions or critiques – the conversation is half the fun. But keep it clean and keep it civil. I don’t mind if you point out my errors or my faults, as long as you play fair.

Email Policy

Email sent to me will not be published without your explicit written permission. I expect the same of my replies. If you violate this understanding, then I will publish your emails, regardless of any agreements or understanding we may have had prior or during communication. Also, my replies might contain affiliate links, from which I earn a commission. If you’re not comfortable with any of this, don’t email me.

I get emails for advice everyday. Whenever I can, I try my best to respond. But don’t be under the impression I am obligated to respond or reply to your emails. I am not.

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