Driving Miss Digital

Knowing the Enemy

Bob visits Cathy, but he encounters the unexpected.

Teddy turned back and disappeared.

Was this an invitation, or he was going back for his gun?

“Come in, Analog!”

Damn, they know who I am, thought Bob. In this mind he had visions of him fleeing, but his legs stepped in.

Teddy and Rachel were in the kitchen, waiting for him like a teacher with your bad grades in her hand. An empty chair was obviously placed for him, the suspect. Bob sat.

“Where’s Cathy?”


“Don’t play us, boy. Where’s my daughter?”

Bob had a sinking feeling. Was Cathy all right? “Sir, I don’t know. I came to see her.”

“You better stop lying, you…”

“Ted! He’s obviously telling the truth, or he wouldn’t be here.”

“I know, honey. I was just intimidating him.”

Was everyone in Digitown like this? “Sir, is Cathy okay?”

“We don’t know. You better run back home before folks catch you here.”



Bob on the bus

On the ride back home Bob was so upset he couldn’t think straight. All he saw was Cathy’s beautiful face, with two eyes and two ears, two of everything wonderful and twice as perfect.

It’s the language, he thought. If you were brought up to see things in one way, you will not understand or tolerate another opinion. He couldn’t understand why Analog and Digital cannot mix, even after all he’d learnt the past few weeks.

I’ll find you, Cathy, Bob promised.

He fulfilled his promise sooner than he expected, because Cathy was waiting for him at home!

“She wanted to know you were all right,” Bob’s Mom said. Another kitchen, same folks. She exchanged looks with Paul.

“We’ll leave you two to talk. Holler if you need anything.”

When they left, it felt like they took the oxygen in the room with them. Bob suddenly couldn’t breathe. When you’re confronted with something twice as perfect, that’s what happens.

“Are you going to say something?”

“I met your dad…and mom. I was at your house.”

“Are you crazy? Why did you go back to Digitown?”

“Same reason you came here.”

“Actually, I wanted to know if Uncle was okay, but decided to stop by anyway.”


“Well? Are you okay or not?”

“I’m good. I was worried about you. Your folks are worried about you. Why didn’t you tell them you were coming to Wolfcrow?”

“You’d think they’d let me if I had?”


“I should be off. I’m going to get an earful anyway. Maybe even be grounded for weeks.”


“What do you mean by ‘okay’? Won’t you come visit me?”

“And risk getting shot?”

Cathy flushed with anger. She just stormed out, straight into a bus that appeared at her command, and vanished.

Digital moves too fast, thought Bob. He knew he’ll go back and visit her. And risk getting shot.

Game on.

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