The Beginner's Guide to Lighting for Film
What This Guide Has To Offer:
The Beginner's Guide to Lighting for Film will show you how to light a low budget feature film, web-series or short film - without having to buy expensive gear!
Download videos in 1080p or 540p to watch at your leisure. Learn quickly or at your own pace.
If lighting freaks you out, then this is the guide you need. I teach in my own unique way - with things you can buy anywhere in the world.
I break each lesson down to simple steps so you can improve your lighting in actual shooting conditions.
Download my templates and lighting diagrams for your personal use. The information you need is right here at your fingertips.
Whenever you want, how many ever times you want, ask me anything by sending me an email. My knowledge is yours.
Nothing is left behind. From exposure to skin tones to finding your own style, it's got it all. Get better at lighting today!
Before I heard about I wasn't sure about my equipment decisions. With his guides, Sareesh is teaching me what to pay attention to, so I'm always learning more.

He doesn't hold back detailed information on exactly how to achieve certain looks. Definitely has helped me light scenes better.

​​​​​​​Sareesh is a great teacher.
John Tierney
San Francisco, CA
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Get these free bonus guides and videos along with your purchase:
Interview Lighting Guide for Interiors
Over 5 hours of video tutorials on lighting faces with DIY and cheap lighting equipment. Normally sells for $97. Your's free with the Beginner's Guide to Lighting for Film.
How I shot these fashion films:
Analog, The Character, Fashion Film 001 and Fashion Film 004
I take you behind the scenes on how I shot and lit four fashion films. How do you light if you're all alone with minimum equipment?
Ultimate Guide to Video Accessories
A 300+ page eBook that is the standard reference for camera accessories. Period. Normally sells for $19.95. Your's free with this guide!
I was a little hesitant at first for putting down the payment, however was comforted that there was a grace period for refund, and further comforted that there was no need - I devoured the videos of information on how to become a better camera operator, and considered his teachings inexpensive for the hundreds of hours he spent making them. I would pay for more tutorials should I ever adventure into a new camera, or for that matter other tutorials (sound, lighting, marketing, etc).  

I strongly recommend Sareesh's tutorials if you want to get serious in understanding how to produce an image to be proud of. 
Chicago, IL
“Sareesh is an amazing teacher. I was looking for a guide like this for quite some time and am happy I came upon this."
Baylee Sinner
Seattle, WA
“My advice is to subscribe to his youtube channel, and to watch all the other videos, they are precious!! Bless you.”
Marco Zangirolami
Milano, Italy
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When will I get access?  

You get immediate access once the payment is successful. You can view all the content and watch all the videos, but the download links are only accessible after the refund period (approximately, depending on your time zone).

Who is this guide for?

It's for absolute beginners who want to get better at cinematic lighting. If you're already comfortable with lighting, this is not the guide for you. If you're looking for specific info about products or light-types and fixtures, this guide is not for you.

Can I use my own login and password?  

Yes. You will have your own account page and can make the necessary changes.  

Can the guide be read offline?  

No. You will always need a browser and an Internet connection. But you can download all the videos to watch at your leisure. The videos must be downloaded one by one. The guide cannot be downloaded all at once.

Will I get access to all the bonuses immediately?  

You will get access to the free bonuses once the 24-hour refund window has closed. Due to time zone differences it will be automatically available between 24 to 48 hours. If you don't like the guide, then why do you need the bonuses?

Why is this guide web-based?  

I can't think of any other format where I can combine video, high-quality stills and loads of additional downloads and templates. The lessons are presented in the way and order I want to teach them. 

I don't like web-based content!  

When I get everything I want from life, you'll get yours. 

Will the guide be updated?  

I would love to, but to realistically keep updating this guide I'll have to charge a subscription fee instead of a one-time amount. Therefore, you're paying for the guide in its present form, as-is, and no future content is promised.  

How does the return policy work?  

The 24-hour policy begins the moment I send the login credentials. If you're unsatisfied with the guide you can let me know within 24 hours and I'll return your money. No questions asked.  

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How long will this guide be active?  

The guide will be available for at least 5 years from the date of purchase. To be honest I have no plans of taking it down, but I don't own the Internet. 

How does email support work?  

Inside the guide, there is a contact form and my email address. Whenever you need to, how many ever times you need to, you can send me an email. I'll try my best to respond to all queries, but please understand, there is no legal obligation for me to do so. Email support is also time-bound up to 12 months from the date of purchase. It is a free courtesy and is not part of the sale, so please don't assume it is your legal right! There might be many extenuating circumstances where I won't be able to reply to your emails, and I am not obligated to justify myself for anything either. I'm not running a call center, you know!  

Furthermore, I will not answer any questions that need me to spend time; e.g., reading scripts or doing research or whatever. If you need me to spend time for your particular concern, I am available for paid consultations.

Are there subtitles for the videos?

No. The videos are in English. If you can understand my YouTube videos or the video above you should be okay. But for non-English speakers or poor English speakers you might find it challenging.

Is the guide available in India?  

No. Due to restrictions with Paypal the guide isn't available in India. I am exploring other options, but until then, no exceptions.

Dude, this guide is expensive!  

For the price of an ebook or a meal you're getting content you won't find anywhere else. And, you get free email support to ask me anything. Too expensive? Give me a break.

Here are three short films I made for this course.
An experimental short film I made to get warmed up. I hadn't made a fictional project in 10 years, and I wanted to see how far I could stretch a dialogue scene.

Shot on the Panasonic GH5.
This was an experiment to understand the Red camera workflow and IPP2 color science, and as an experiment in pushing color to the extreme. 

​​​​​​​Shot on the Red Dragon 6K and Arri Master Primes.

My fourth fashion film, shot on the Arri Alexa LF and Zeiss Supreme Primes.

The objective was to obtain high-fashion lighting in a multitude of scenarios: Day exteriors, Interiors and Night.

What our customers say:
“Sareesh takes his already thorough and practical 'free' tips and articles and goes far beyond the basics in his guides.

​​​​​​​If you are looking for information that you can understand and put to work immediately, you owe it to your work to check out everything he publishes.”
Eric, Canada
“Good, practical, easy-to-understand teaching about basics of lightning, gear and contrast ratios.

​​​​​​​Helps us small budget cinematographers to get better results and to choose cost effective low budget gear."
Jari S.
Here are a few videos of my teaching methods:
As far as I know, I'm the first to try to explain why three-point lighting is used, and why it fits in so well with our understanding of lighting.

This is a system I've developed that will help you light any scene. I use it every single time!

This was an amazing investment into getting educated on my gear. The price is absolutely worth it. Most importantly Sareesh actually answers your emails and is very good about clarifying details.

​​​​​​​I've probably bothered him with questions that are already in his lessons but he was still patient with me.
St. Louis, MO
You get these templates and documents too!
Your "100" List
The single most important thing in this guide!
Lighting Kit Recommendations
Beginner's starter lighting kit for low budget filmmaking.
Detailed Lighting Diagrams
Simple-to-understand diagrams to help you follow along.
The Ultimate Guide is worth every penny I spent. Loaded with lots of helpful suggestions, important information, and very inspirational ideas, you cannot go wrong with these tutorials. 
It's perfect to inspire you to go out and create content, and it's always there for you as reference for all of your current and future projects.
Todd Groves
Wait a minute...
Why should I buy this guide when there are free videos available online?
You can't learn to play tennis by watching your favorite tennis player or buying what they use. The reality is, you must put in some effort of your own. This applies to film lighting as well.

There are tons of lighting tutorials online. What can this guide offer you that free videos can't?

The answer is straightforward. This guide will show you the exact steps and exercises you can do on your own to learn film lighting.
What gear should I buy to use this guide?
Most free lighting tutorial videos want you to buy their lights, or they get a commission for reviewing a product. That's fine, because the information is free after all...

And kind of useless. Because even if you buy that stupid 3-point lighting kit you won't get similar results when you start lighting your own scenes. Which is why I've decided you shouldn't have to buy anything expensive until you have first learnt lighting.

For this guide, you will learn to light with just DIY household items, the total value of which is about $30. That's not a typo. Just regular stuff you can buy or get anywhere in the world.

Now you have no excuse. Only this guide teaches you how to light films using household items.
What skills will I learn with this guide?
I have almost two decades of experience in the film industry. And trust me when I say, the only skill you really need is confidence.

You will learn to focus on things that really matter on a film set. Once you learn this for yourself you can tackle any lighting project. This is the most important skill you will develop with this guide - the ability to rely on yourself and make decisions.
How fast can I learn film lighting?
It should take you a month (30 days) to follow the exercises and learn film lighting. You can follow along at your own pace, if that's what you need.

As long as you practice for a couple of hours every day you will be amazed how much you know and can do within 30 days. This is knowledge and power that you didn't have 30 days ago.
So, tell me again. Why should I buy this guide when there are free videos available online?
You will learn film lighting in 30 days. The longer you put this off, the later you will learn.

You will be able to learn with cheap household items. This is something no other guide teaches, nowhere, in any form. Not even in film school.

I also take you behind the scenes of my film projects, where you can see how I use cheap as well as expensive lights in the field.

Only two other things can compete with this - a great film school or working under a great cinematographer. Both of which are hard to get, or expensive, or takes time. With this guide, you will learn in 30 days, for an unbeatable price.

In addition, I'm just an email away to help you in any way I can.

And finally, you also get a...

I don’t plan on getting rich with the sale of one guide, and I really want to help. For your peace of mind, I also offer you a 24-hour 100% money-back guarantee.

No questions asked.

If you feel what I’m teaching is not going to benefit you, ask for your money back anytime within 24 hours.

​​​​​​​When was the last time a film school offered you your money back?

Before I came across wolfcrow I found it less fulfilling with the need to constantly search many sites for info I deemed useful.

Sareesh's videos gave me the ability to tell stories with the lens. His guides are thoughtful, serious, well-reasoned and researched information.

​​​​​​​I am now producing much more content due to the confidence I have developed from learning through wolfcrow.
Marc Levine
Altadena, CA USA
The Beginner's Guide to Lighting for Film

Scared of lighting? Then this guide is for you.

The video lessons are fully loaded with practical knowledge that actually works to help you get better at lighting. It will give you the confidence to light any short film or feature film or web series - because this guide is like no other.

And, you get free email support for anything you might want to ask on your road to lighting mastery.

Don't wait. Grab this opportunity, and get your lighting journey underway today.

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If you buy both guides together, you only have to pay $237 total. That's a sweet discount of $57!

Please note: This discount will not be given later if you purchase the guides separately. Leave it unchecked if you don't want to avail of this offer.

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