Free Ebook!

AFRAID: A RAID Primer is one of the first full ebooks I wrote. It’s a murder mystery that explains how RAID works. Here’s how it starts: Deep in the heart of town, hidden away in a shady street, is a RAID 5-star hotel called Hotel Network. Very few understand how this place runs or makes […]

My new short film in preproduction

I had shared a couple of stills last week about my new project. Here are a couple more: The setting is a forest at night, with cars. It’s going to be a tough shoot, but one that I’ve been writing for months. Lots of moving pieces, lots of things that can go wrong. Right now […]

How to avoid blue clipping in low light shooting

Many have reported the dreaded blue clipping problem that occurs specifically with LED lights (doesn’t have to be blue LEDs) in low light shooting conditions. Let’s see how to fix that on set. What is blue clipping? “Blue clipping” is the popular term that describes what happens when you see splotches of blue (it can […]

The Cinematography of Bradford Young

Bradford Young is the rising star of the cinematography world, truly a product of the modern DSLR revolution. In this video I go through some of his cinematography lighting and camera techniques to help you understand his unique style. Just to be clear: Bradford Young changes his style to suit the movies he shoots. The […]