Driving Miss Digital

Time Sweeps, whether there’s Dirt or Not

Bob and Cathy leave their towns for good. How do they cope?

Bob and Cathy traveled for months without stopping. Along the way, they passed through many towns – of every technology imaginable.

They even met Sampler, happy in his new home, doing his best to get to exiled again. They didn’t stay long. They knew their destiny was different.
What about Wolfcrow and Digitown? They coexisted for many years like two peas in a pod – thinking they are separate but really copies of the same thing. They shared riots, fights, public denouncements, embargoes, friendship and even time.

Paul and Mom grew old. Teddy and Rachel grew old. The Mayor grew old. Grandma Mono died. A signal can only be stretched so much.

In their hunt for Bob or Cathy, they looked into every corner thrice, within the confines of their known worlds. But you can’t look for a lion in an empty cage. Well, you can, but should you?

Just when everyone thought the worst was behind them, fresh fights broke out. Another love affair between an Analog and a Digital. Then another! It was the sweep of time, whether anyone alive or dead liked it or not.

Matters came to a head when the Mayor’s daughter eloped with a Digital Dude. “Off with their heads!” he screamed. So a posse of sycophants armed themselves and marched towards Digitown. They never made it back.

The Mayor tried every trick in the book, but couldn’t find his daughter. He decided to ask someone with experience.

Paul had given up videography. Without his son by his side turning the focus ring, life didn’t make sense. Mom cried, a little less each passing day.

The Mayor’s plea for advice was well answered. Paul had looked high and low for Bob, and even offered rewards to anyone willing to listen. Maybe this approach might help the Mayor?

“But you haven’t found, Bob, have you?”

With no results to show for Paul’s efforts he found it difficult to pacify the Mayor. The poor bugger was inconsolable, as all those who fail to read the march of time usually are. He left without hope.

But he had given up too soon. One day, Paul’s effort paid dividends.

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