Comparison Review of Lighting Fixtures

5 Affordable LED Light Panels for Video and Cinematography

What do you pick when budgets are tight but functionality can’t be compromised? Here are my picks.

There are thousands of models and possibly a hundred or more companies making LED light panels for video.

In this article I’ll list five of the better LED panels for cinematography. Better not just for the light and color accuracy, but also in terms of dependability and brand presence worldwide.

Luckily, these are also as affordable as they come!

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1 Nanlite MixPanel 60 RGBWW

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The Nanlite MixPanel 60 is amazing value for money. Here are its main features:

  1. 2×1 size, which I believe to be the most useful for LED panels
  2. Bi-color and Green/Magenta adjustable
  3. Color tunable for RGB colors
  4. Built-in effects like Flash, Pulse, Storm, Siren, TV, Paparazzi, and Candle/Fire
  5. Extra power mode for additional light output (drains batteries a lot faster).

2 Aputure Light Storm LS 1c

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Aputure has been around for a while, and they have shown intent in the innovative products they have launched over the years.

The Light Storm LS 1c is a no-nonsense LED panel that does the basics well:

  1. Bi-color flat panel design
  2. Wireless and DMX features
  3. Multiple power solutions, including V-mount batteries
  4. Excellent light output

3 FotodioX Pro FACTOR

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On first glance the FotodioX Pro FACTOR seems expensive, and it is the most expensive on this list.

However, the primary differentiating factor is the construction. Here are some important differentiating features:

  1. Has important accessories like honeycomb grids, barn doors, etc., for professional work.
  2. Durable all-metal construction for rugged location work.

If you want your light to go the extra mile, then the added expense isn’t that big of a deal.

4 Godox LED500C

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The Godox LED500C is bi-color and can be dimmed from 25 to 100%. It’s lightweight and has decent output. It does the basics well at a phenomenal price point.

If you’re an ultra low budget filmmaker looking for a decent dependable option this might be it.

5 Yongnuo YN10800

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This is a slightly more expensive option when compared to the Godox. I trust Yongnuo more than Godox, due to personal experience. However, I’ve used both, which is why both are on this list.

Go for either, depending on what you can afford and the availability in your country.

I hope you find this list useful. Let me know what you think in the comments below.