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Best Vintage Cine Prime Lenses for the Red Monstro 8K

What are the best vintage cine prime lenses for the Red Monstro 8K for that old-school look?

Let’s look at the best vintage cine prime lenses for the Red Monstro 8K camera.

First, here are some criteria for the lenses to qualify:

  • True cine lenses, not rehoused still lenses.
  • Must at the very least cover an image circle of 46.3 mm.

For a lens to be labelled vintage it must be designed to mimic older lenses (it can’t be accidental).

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Here’s a list of the best cine prime kits available for the Red Monstro 8K:

FeatureTokina Vista OneTribe7 Blackwing7Panavision Primo Artiste
Aperture Range^T1.5-T22T1.9-T22^^T1.8-T22
Front Diameter (mm)114114114
Blades in Iris914N/A
Image Circle (mm)46.748Covers Alexa 65
Close Focus (mm)^480407406
Weight (kg)^2.111.7N/A
Focal Lengths in KIt18-105mm27-137mm27-250mm
Consistent Length?*YesYesN/A
Largest Consistent Aperture**T1.5T1.9T1.8
Focus Rotation (degrees)300270N/A
Price for 50mm^N/A (Only as a set)$10,000-11,700^^Rental Only

*For about four lenses in the kit, typically 24 to 85mm.

**If three of the lenses (among the middle five) are T1.5 but the other two are T2.1, then the largest consistent aperture is T2.1.

^For the 50mm lens in the lineup.

^^The Blackwing7 goes to T1.8, but with greater flare. They cost $12,700.

My favorite?

I’m not much of a vintage guy, though if I had to pick one to test I’m most interested in the Tokina Vista One vintage lenses.

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