Chapter 2: The Impossible Shooting Script

Now that I had the screenplay in place, and an ending that I thought worked, I was faced with the uncertain challenge of putting it together in a tight shooting script – one that would be purely dictated by the budget and schedule.

Most films are budgeted and scheduled after the shooting script is planned and produced, but in my case, the budget was pre-decided, which means the schedule has only so many days before I bleed myself dry to the point of abandoning the movie.

I went about it by deciding the movie would be a docudrama (or mockumentary). This means interspersing live action with interviews, motion graphics, animation and still images – much like documentaries are put together. My main inspiration was the medical case files series that used to come on Discovery a long time ago. It was the ideal way – to have my detective become the omnipotent narrator and mover of the story – we see it through his eyes. I began collecting elements, mostly off the internet, and prepared a rough storyboard for my shots.

Also, I put in place a list of objectives for this production – one that I’m proud to say (on hindsight) I’ve achieved every one of. Here’s the list:

1. It would be shot digitally in HD and would have location sync sound.
2. It would have an absolutely original and timeless story.
3. It would involve a unique style of storytelling.
4. It would have special effects that are better than professional.
5. It would be marketable.
6. It would be only sold over the Internet.

Now that I had the screenplay and shooting script in place, it was time to head to Mumbai for pre-production.

Sareesh Sudhakaran
The Indie Farm

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