Panasonic GH5

How to Grade V-Log: Masterclass by India’s Best Colorist

Shiva Kumar BVR of Annapurna Studios show us how to fix problems with V-Log in post.

Here’s a masterclass from India’s best colorist on how to grade V-Log from the Panasonic GH5:

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Here’s the final video: 

2 replies on “How to Grade V-Log: Masterclass by India’s Best Colorist”

V-Log is only worthwhile if you are working in 10 bit. You mentioned you used a Atomos Shogun to monitor, why didn’t you record with it? All the banding and compression problems go away, plus you can push the image quite a bit in post…

If I’m stuck shooting 8-bit I use Cine-D set with Paul Leeming’s LUT One settings and LUT. But 90% of the time, I use the Shogun.

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