Sony A7s Guide

Skin tone test – Cine1 Picture Profile

In this lesson we’ll see how the Standard Creative Style works for skin tones.


  • First, we’ll look at the long shot, and then the close up.
  • Each scene is underexposed by 4 stops and 2 stops, overexposed by 2 stops and 4 stops and correctly exposed.
  • White balance is Daylight, constant.
  • All footage recorded in XAVC S in camera, in 1080p25.
  • Click images to enlarge for 100% view.
  • Model is wearing makeup in the close up, but not the long shot.
  • In some cases a 4×4 ND filter was used, and this might introduce color shifts. I was shooting at high-noon, and this was unavoidable. The best way to overcome this bias is to study all the exposure details.
  • I’m bouncing light off a white reflector in the close up.
  • Credits: Model: Riya Chanda Assistant: Pranjal Vedant

Long shot comparison

5Lp4Cine1 4Lp2Cine1 3LCine1 2Lm2Cine1 1Lm4Cine1

Close up comparison

5Cm4Cine1 4Cm2Cine1 3CCine1 2Cp2Cine1 1Cp4Cine1