Sony A7s Guide

Two Real-world Picture Profile Comparisons

Here are two real-world picture profile comparisons from the Sony A7s review. You can use your knowledge of how each profile works to get a more deeper understanding.


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You can see quite clearly that, except for S-Log2, all the other profiles are designed to minimize the need for grading.

Notice how Cine2 and Rec. 709 clips in the highlights. That’s because I probably had the Knee setting all the way down (coming up later). Disregard it.

Overall, this confirms (to my eyes!) that Cine1 and Rec. 709 800% are the next best options to S-Log2 if that’s what you want.

Car in shade

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It’s great to see how all the profiles reproduce the color of the car well, at least close enough.

Notice how the white patches on the wall get blown out in an ugly way for CIne2 and Rec. 709. Same reason: I had Knee all the way down.

Which ones do you like?

Anyway, I think you’ve seen enough tests and comparisons. By now, your list should be whittled down to just a few so you can conduct your own tests. Here are my preferences, from most favorite to least favorite:

Profile Reason
S-Log2 Very filmic, excellent dynamic range
Rec. 709 800% Excellent dynamic range
Cine1 Beautiful colors and good dynamic range, sort of filmic
Cine2 Good for low light scenes, but not preferable to Cine1
Cine4 Alternative to Cine1, but not as good
Neutral Nice colors, but doesn’t have the dynamic range of Cine1
Standard/Movie/Still Colors pop, just a personal preference. Lower perceived dynamic range to Neutral
Cine3 Don’t like it, personal preference
Rec. 709 Limited dynamic range of Rec. 709

For my personal projects, I’ve committed to shooting S-Log2. For any rare family videos, I’ll probably pick Cine1.

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