Understanding the Cinematography of Santosh Sivan

I go through some of Santosh Sivan’s cinematography techniques to help you understand his unique style.

Just to be clear: Santosh Sivan changes his style to suit the movies he shoots. The goal of this video and article is to drum up enthusiasm and a yearning to learn more.

Warning: I do not claim this knowledge is 100% accurate. Just think of it as an endorsement of his work. If you want accuracy, look someplace else.

11 replies on “Understanding the Cinematography of Santosh Sivan”

  1. HI, watched the video essay on Santhosh Sivan.
    There is a word you use at 3.53 : “in exterior location he uses …..” Cant make out.
    Would be great if you can mention it as a reply.

    many thanks

      1. at 3.52, the commentary says “at exterior location he uses a “silhouette,” a classical way to add…
        is silhouette the word ?

  2. Iruvar is indeed a wonderful movie which everyone should see. I don’t understand why those kind of classics are not available worldwide, like in a box with the Best of Mani Ratnam for example. My copy is just a downloaded dvd rip, but if I can buy the dvd, I would definitely do that! All the best.

  3. The Mani Ratnam film you mentioned as your favorite Sivan work. Is it Iruvar (1997)? I haven’t seen it and would like to. Do you have an online streamed / downloadable version?

  4. I always got fascinated about santhosh sivan’s work. This info pushing me a lot to know more about his works….thank u so much sareesh.

  5. Thanks for sharing this info and interview on Santosh Sivan. I knew nothing about him or his work and found it very interesting.

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