Understanding the Cinematography of Vilmos Zsigmond

The late Vilmos Zsigmond has already cemented his place amongst the great cinematographers, and in this video and article I go through some of his cinematography lighting and camera techniques to help you understand his unique style.

Just to be clear: Vilmos Zsigmond changed his style to suit the movies he shot. The goal of this video and article is to drum up enthusiasm and a yearning to learn more.

Warning: I do not claim this knowledge is 100% accurate. Just think of it as an endorsement of his work. If you want accuracy, look someplace else.

2 replies on “Understanding the Cinematography of Vilmos Zsigmond”

  1. Thank you! I am a rank beginner at video! I have been using Final Cut Pro for years making video from my video clip take with various Nikon DSLR’s. I had no idea that there was such a thing as
    CINE lenses for people like me!!!
    Question: Which CINE lens under about $750 would you recommend for me?

    PS: I am filming interviews for local charities to put on their websites, but I also get video clips on our travels to put in my Final Cut videos.
    PPS: I recently went to your wonderful website.

    1. You’re welcome. There is no cine lens under $750. Shoot with whatever you can afford. You’ll know when it’s time to really get a cine lens!

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