What is a Focal Reducer (Speedbooster, LensRegain) and Do You Really Need One?

What is a focal reducer and is it worth it? Here’s the video that tells you like it is:

Which is the best focal reducer?

1. My pick: Metabones Speedbooster (Amazon, B&H)


  1. First (in recent times) to make these
  2. Have a lot of options for different formats and lenses
  3. Weather sealing
  4. Rugged and well-built, zero play
  5. Proven track record with regular firmware updates
  6. Twist lock in some models
  7. Autofocus in some models

2. If you want something more: Aputure LensRegain (Amazon, B&H)


  1. Control aperture and focus (manual only) via a grip you can attach to the tripod handle
  2. Set A and B stops for focus pulls
  3. Wireless with good battery life
  4. Lock iris
  5. Control record on/off
  6. Both transmitter and grip are paired in the factory and I’ve had zero issues.


  • Not great build quality
  • My LED on the transmitter has died already. Am not sure how reliable they are in the field (mine hasn’t even left my office!)
  • Only useful if you’re standing behind the tripod for long events.


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  1. Some History: The focal reducer (for cameras) was patented by Kodak for their very early DSLR cameras. They sold the patent to generate funds a few years ago and that’s why we are seeing the boom of focal reducers used in cameras since Metabones started producing them (the best ones IMHO).

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