The Focal Lengths and Lenses used by Great Directors

In this page I’m collating famous directors and the focal lengths they preferred. As and when I get new information, I’ll keep updating this list. Here’s the video I made on the focal lengths and lenses used by 19 great directors: Important: Information is either hearsay, guesses and some plain research from interviews, books, videos […]

What I’ve been up to the last 10 days

Two big things coming up. First, I’m in pre-production for my next short film. It’s a complicated shoot in many ways, and I’m in the storyboarding phase. This will take a couple of weeks. Hopefully I can get it shot in January. Here are a couple of stills for your reference. The software is FrameForge […]

The End of the “Understanding Cinematography” Series

I began the Understanding Cinematography Series two years ago, for myself, because: I wanted to learn about the techniques of cinematographers, and There was no resource out there that actually had that information. The closest is the American Cinematographer magazine, to which I have a subscription. Great as it is, it only covers the top […]

My Editing Timeline for the Cineplay Pitch Video

Here’s my editing timeline from DaVinci Resolve 15.1 for the Cineplay: What is a “Cineplay”? It’s a concept of shooting a play like a movie, but without the budget. Why do it? There are a few streaming services like Hotstar, Zee, etc., that accept cineplays. I don’t know if our play will be selected, but […]