What is Shutter Speed, Shutter Angle and How to get the Film Look

What is a shutter? And which shutter speed or shutter angle to select for the film look.

Rehearsals Week 3: New Poster!

We’re wrapping up week three of rehearsals of my play, now called “Funny Robots”. There will be four trial shows on November 3rd and 4th, in Mumbai. Here’s a quick poster I made in GIMP: It’s coming along well, and getting intense now! Marketing efforts will start next week, so we’re hoping to at least […]

Download my Script!

Sneak peak! Here are the first two scenes (or acts) of my upcoming play. Enjoy! Download (PDF) Note: Please do not share it. It is registered and under copyright. Don’t get yourself into trouble.

To The Haters

This was a video I made in response to the 50 reasons to pick the GH5 video: I didn’t publish it, ultimately. It was just too negative – and pointless. No point feeding the trolls.

My Play: Week Two of Rehearsals

Just thought I’d share a few photos and a clip of the second of rehearsals of my upcoming play: It has been mostly improv so far as I’m trying out various ideas. A couple of stills: We’ll be tentatively performing a couple of trial shows first week of November. For now, all I can say […]