Camera Angles and Movement: Pather Panchali

An analysis of the climactic scene from Pather Panchali, by the great Satyajit Ray:

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  1. Marvellous cinematography (tones, b/w filtering, contrast, etc), classic compositions but daring editing (especially for The time)! Than you fi this occasion to meet Indian cinema, which reminds me vividly of Italian Neo-realism. It was a revelation! If I can share some Romanian Neo realism (but from the 80-s), one movie which has the same general theme, of growing up of a gicted boy crom a Village in Romania in the 1940-s, is the period drama “Morometii” by Stere Gulea (1985), a film who also deserve an Oscar. Also in Black and White, with simple but very powerful cinematography.

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