Sony A7s Guide

How to rig an external monitor and electronic viewfinder

In this video I’ll go over the options to rig two external monitors and an electronic viewfinder:

Since two of the three monitors I’ve shown are discontinued, here are alternate suggestions:





These are important topics raised by subscribers that shed more light on this lesson.

Q. Can you recommend a cheap but good 7″ monitor?

A. Here’s a cheap 7” monitor one of my subscribers bought on my recommendation and loves:

I was planning to buy it too, but I already have the Shogun so it is unnecessary. Here’s what the satisfied user had to say:

I actually bought the 7″ Neway monitor that you so kindly sent me the Ali Express link for. You’re absolutely correct in that it is definitely sharper than the F&V F3 and has all the features that I need. I’ve now mounted the F&V permanently on my SteadyCam.