Sony A7s Guide

Two HDMI lock options compared

HDMI is a flimsy standard, but there’s no need to buy expensive HDMI locks! Here are two really cheap solutions:

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These are important topics raised by subscribers that shed more light on this lesson.

Q. Is the HDMI port on the A7s strong enough?

A. Not really, but it’s really a hazy area. Many have had broken HDMI ports, but at least as many (or more, because they stay silent) haven’t.

With an HDMI lock you never really have to remove the cable unless absolutely necessary.

Q. What HDMI cable do you use?

A. I use the cable that came with the A7s. It’s a bit long, but I wrap it around the Oconnor baseplate so it stays out of the way. You can also wrap it around the cage on the top left. Removing the cable is just a turn of a screw, and the Movcam adapter stays on flat, and does not protrude out. The only downside is the HDMI port door stays open, but even that can be remedied in the field if you have a coin handy.

For longer cable runs, you will need a longer cable of course. HDMI extensions are not a good idea. You might want to buy multiple cables and test them for a few hours. This is a necessary step with HDMI. You’re looking for pattern noise, dropped frames, artifacts, etc.

Note: Some countries don’t ship with an HDMI cable. Guess I got lucky! Pearstone (from B&H) works, and Sony also sells original HDMI cables. I’ve used mine under tough conditions and they have performed excellently.