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OConnor Universal Baseplate Review: The Best Baseplate in the World?

A detailed review of the OConnor Universal Baseplate that fits all DSLRs, Canon EOS cameras and the Red Epic and Scarlet.

This is the complete review of the OConnor Universal Baseplate for the 15mm LWS (Light Weight Support) standard. Let’s get started.


Before reading and watching the review, it is important to first understand the goals of the review. The three goals of this review are:

  • Does the OConnor Universal Baseplate really deserve to be called universal?
  • Does the baseplate really fit most cameras?
  • Is it worth the price?


Why did I buy the OConnor Universal Baseplate?

I bought the OConnor Universal Baseplate for these reasons:

  • It’s truly universal, as you can see in the video review.
  • It is a brilliantly engineered product that you must see to appreciate.
  • I expect it to save me money in expensive base plates and risers in the long run.
  • I can make it work with cheaper parts
  • It is small and lightweight.

Most of this will only make sense once you watch my review.

Review of the OConnor Universal Baseplate

Here’s my review of the OConnor Universal Baseplate:


  • Important: Prices, features and specifications might be incorrect or wrong. Please refer to manufacturers website for correct information. Don’t take any action based on my review.
  • At about 1:40 I mention the LWS standard is 65mm apart, which is incorrect. It’s 60mm spaced rods at a distance of 85mm from the optical center.
  • The 1/4″ cheap screws can be found here. The 3/8″ screws can be found here.
  • When you cut custom rods (I got a guy to use a grinder) it’s better to err on the side of making them longer than shorter.
  • Use a 3mm Metric hex key (allen wrench).

How does it perform based on the goals set for this review?

Does the OConnor Universal Baseplate really deserve to be called universal?

Yes. If it isn’t, nothing else is either.

The movable 15mm rod brackets let you position your matte box or follow focus to the exact height. You can use customizable screws of various sizes to support any kind of camera, plate or gear.

The rods can be positioned above or below the top and bottom plates if need be. You can screw and unscrew using a hex key, your hands or a screwdriver.

All rods are made of plain 15mm aluminum, so you can get custom ones yourself without compromising the structural integrity.

It can take a load of 105 lbs at least. I’m pretty sure it can take a lot more than that!

Does the baseplate really fit most cameras?

You bet. It can take any DSLR or mirrorless camera. It can take all Canon EOS cinema cameras and Sony cameras*. It can even take the Red Epic and Scarlet.

*For some Sony and Arri cameras the LWS standard is already present, or is expected to be combined with a VCT or bridge plate. But you can use the OConnor baseplate if you want to.

Is it a worthwhile investment?

For me, 100% yes. Two third-party baseplates will cost me the same as one OConnor Universal baseplate. When I change cameras, those baseplates and risers may become obsolete. Over a 5-10 year period, the OConnor Universal Baseplate will have saved me lots of money.

As far as I’m concerned, the OConnor Universal Baseplate is the best baseplate in the world, period.

I hope you have found my review beneficial. If you need any clarifications, or know of better solutions, please let me know in the comments section below.

Review rating: ***
List of sponsored/free gear: None
Did I get paid for this review? No