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Pedco Ultrapod II Review

A complete review of the Pedco Ultrapod II mini-tripod.

Review rating: ***
List of sponsored/free gear: None
Did I get paid for this review? No

Goals of this review and why I purchased it

Sometimes you can’t travel with a tripod. Either there’s too much weight or no space in the bag. For those situations I needed a rugged and dependable table-top tripod that did a whole lot more.

The Pedco Ultrapod II does:

  • Table-top
  • Can be tied to a post or tree
  • Can be tied to a pole or stick
  • Can be handheld or chest-supported
  • Can adapt to objects like rocks, etc.
  • Weighs hardly anything
  • Can support a DSLR and lens, but nothing too heavy
  • Ball-head that can be rotated to any angle
  • Can be carried in a pocket if necessary.

This review will focus on whether the tripod achieves these objectives without compromising on image quality, equipment safety and usability.


This is my complete review of the Pedco Ultrapod II mini-tripod and ball head:


  • To know more about the Ultrapod II click here.
  • You can purchase a Quick-release head for the Ultrapod II here.


I believe there’s no better mini-tripod out there. Most mini or table top tripods just do one thing. Only the Joby Gorillapod Focus handles more weight and is possibly more versatile, but as mentioned in the review, it comes at a price:

  • It’s expensive, and
  • It’s heavy.

The Pedco Ultrapod II does a lot of what is expected, and with careful use is really a dependable option for even expensive equipment. The only major negative is the ball head, which in my case came loose and fell off (please fix this design flaw!). Now I have to buy another entire tripod.The fact that I have no hesitation in replacing it should tell you everything you need to know.