The Panasonic GH5 Guide for Video Shooters

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What This Guide Has to Offer

The Panasonic GH5 Guide contains everything you could want to know about creating cinematic videos quickly with the Panasonic GH5.


Download videos in 1080p or 540p to watch at your leisure. Learn quickly or at your own pace.


Whenever you want, how many ever times you want, ask me anything by sending me an email.


Watch me in the field doing what I teach - shooting Portrait mode, Cinelike D and V-Log.


Once I've completed the fashion video I shot in V-Log, I'll take you behind the scenes of a professional color grading session.


Setup your camera for professional video recording in just a few hours - on day one!


Learn how to expose correctly with the in-camera meter, waveform and Zebras. Also learn how to use my exposure LUTs for V-Log.

"I was a little hesitant at first for putting down the payment, however was comforted that there was a grace period for refund, and further comforted that there was no need - I devoured the videos of information on how to become a better camera operator, and considered his teachings inexpensive for the hundreds of hours he spent making them. I would pay for more tutorials should I ever adventure into a new camera, or for that matter other tutorials (sound, lighting, marketing, etc).  

I strongly recommend Sareesh's tutorials if you want to get serious in understanding how to produce an image to be proud of. " 

- Fred, Chicago.


Get these free guides along with your purchase:

Interview Lighting Guide for Interiors.

Over 5 hours of video tutorials on lighting. Normally sells for $97. Your's free with the Panasonic GH5 guide.

Ultimate Guide to Video Accessories. 

A 300+ page eBook that is the standard reference for camera accessories. Period. Normally sells for $19.95. Your's free with the Panasonic GH5 guide.

"You real video folks will laugh but these lessons saved me from major embarrassment.  

I bought the camera for still photography- never even wished to make a video file. But when asked if I could record an event at church the following day, I remembered the camera's capability and said I would try. Opened the manual at home and realized what foolishness that was! I downloaded these lessons as soon as I found them.  

Mostly they are a huge overkill for my humble purposes, but they got me home the next day with a usable file. Thank you!" 

"I find the GH5-guide very well done. The instructions and suggestions make sense and are easy to unterstand. This course is highly recommended for beginners as well as for pros looking for a quick way to deeply dive into the functions of a quite complex camera."

- Anne, Blakely

- Rudolf, Switzerland


When will I get access?  

You get immediate access to all content once the payment is sucessful. You can watch all the videos but download links are only available after 24 hours.

Can I use my own login and password?  

Yes. You will have your own account page and can make the necessary changes.  

Can the guide be read offline?  

No. You will always need a browser and an Internet connection. But you can download all the videos to watch at your leisure.  

Why is this guide web-based?  

I can't think of any other format where I can combine video, high-quality stills and loads of content. The lessons are presented in the way and order I want to teach them.  

I don't like web-based content!  

When I get everything I want from life, you'll get yours.  

Will the guide be updated?  

I would love to, but it depends on the number of users and how engaged they are. To realistically keep updating this guide I'll have to charge a subscription fee instead of a one-time amount. Therefore, you're paying for the guide in its present form, as-is, and no future content is promised.  

How does the return policy work?  

The 24-hour policy begins the moment I send the login credentials. If you're unsatisfied with the guide you can let me know within 24 hours and I'll return your money. No questions asked.  

How long will this guide be active?  

The guide will be available for at least 5 years from the date of purchase. To be honest I have no plans of taking it down, but I don't own the Internet. 

How does email support work?  

Inside the guide, there is a contact form and my email address. Whenever you need to, how many ever times you need to, you can send me an email. I'll try my best to respond to all queries, but please understand, there is no legal obligation for me to do so. Email support is also time-bound up to 12 months from the date of purchase. It is a free bonus and is not part of the sale, so please don't assume it is your legal right! There might be many extenuating circumstances where I won't be able to reply to your emails, and I am not obligated to justify myself for anything either. I'm not running a call center, you know!  

Is the guide available in India?  

Yes, but not via Paypal. Send us an email on to purchase this guide in India. Price is the current exchange rate + GST or Service Tax, payable by bank transfer. The logins are created manually so it might take about 48-72 hours to send you the login details.

Dude, this guide is expensive!  

For the price of an ebook or a meal you're getting content you won't find anywhere else. And, you get free email support to ask me anything. And two bonuses! Too expensive? Give me a break.

"This was an amazing investment into getting educated on my gear. The price is absolutely worth it. Most importantly Sareesh actually answers your emails and is very good about clarifying details. I've probably bothered him with questions that are already in his lessons but he was still patient with me. " 

- Christian, St. Louis MO.

Three Case Studies and Behind the Scenes

Here's something I shot in a few hours with the Panasonic GH5:

What's better than seeing me in the field actually doing the things I teach? 

These CASE STUDIES are free with the Panasonic GH5:

How to expose Portrait Style

How to expose Cinelike D

How to expose V-Log

Guide to Mastering the Panasonic GH5

Looking to master the Panasonic GH5? Then this guide is perfect for you, no matter what your level of expertise.  

This ultimate guide has video lessons that will get you shooting in just a few hours. And you get free email support for anything you might want to ask.

Think of this guide as your key to shooting the projects you are passionate about - documentaries, feature films, corporate video or weddings. 

100% 24-Hour Money Back Guarantee

No questions asked, no hassles, no problems!

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Pay securely via Paypal or Credit Cards.