Understanding the Cinematography of Sven Nykvist

Sven Nykvist is one of the greatest cinematographers ever, without a doubt. I go through some of his cinematography lighting and camera techniques to help you understand his unique style.

Just to be clear: Sven Nykvist changed his style to suit the movies he shot. The goal of this video and article is to drum up enthusiasm and a yearning to learn more.

Warning: I do not claim this knowledge is 100% accurate. Just think of it as an endorsement of his work. If you want accuracy, look someplace else.

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  1. Nikvist always worked with availabil light and he has tried to control that light but not manipulate it.you may consider his astounding work in sacrifice or many of his movies which is done just with the natural light.my sugestion is to study better and deeper and then try to talk about the technique

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