VIII: The Impossible Post

Post production on The Impossible Murder took one year.

First it went to a post-house (I won’t name them) who promised to do the editing, VFX, grading and sound mixing for a reasonable fee. After paying them a hefty advance, I learnt their editor was doing multiple jobs at the same time. The editing took months. In between I got busy directing a mini-series and unfortunately caught Jaundice. After a month of R&R, when I returned to the studio, my work was lying as is, without any progress.

I decided to do everything myself. The movie was edited, graded, composited, titled, and finished using the Adobe CS3 suite. It took about six months but ultimately the job was done.

Thankfully, I had a rock throughout the post production phase in the guise of Milin, my music composer. He scored, assembled and mixed the entire background score for the movie, plus a 2-minute score for the trailer.

For sound dubbing and editing, I used a studio in Andheri (Can’t remember the name). For mixing I flew to Chennai to mix at the home-made studio of Sanjay-Vijay. Mixing was completed on Nuendo in about two weeks.

3D Animation was split between two groups. The interior of the house was done by freelancer Gaurav Bal. The exterior house animation was done at my friend Sivanesan’s studio Varnaa. It took seven days to render the exterior animation.

Final rendering of the movie took one week, including four or five crashes. It was rendered to a 16-bit TIFF sequence, and came under 1TB. This became the master.

From this master I edited the trailer. I used the master in Adobe Encore to author and burn the DVD, from which copies were made for distribution within India. In the U.S., the movie is being distributed over DVD, VOD and live streaming on Amazon and Indieflix.