Doing the Impossible

The easiest of tasks can appear impossible simply because it hasn’t been done yet. Let me introduce you to the scariest, most humiliating, back-breaking, distressing, overwhelming and ultimately unrewarding experience in motion picture history – the production and distribution of an independent feature film in India.

Today, if you want to be a scientist, a doctor, a writer, a teacher, an engineer, a lawyer, a cricketer, a politician or even the Prime Minister, the path is clear, and there are many systems in place  to help you get there. But what if you want to be a Producer or a Director? Where is the system? We can all see the industry exists, and it is thriving. But who are its guardians? Why have they  shrouded the path in mystery and hidden it from the eyes of eager strugglers?

One way of approaching this problem is to whine about it and subsequently give in, give up, fold, pack your bags and take the next train back home – back to your parents and friends who had  already warned you about attempting the impossible – back to the same newspaper articles and glamorous television shows which seem to laugh at you – back to your mirror which will never  allow you to forget your failure. The good thing is, the moment will pass, and life will go on. But your adventure in the film industry is over.

Or, you can dream of a world in which anyone can produce work that can be shared with anyone else, where your stories are your own and free to exploit, where you will be master of your  fortunes. In this place, communication is so free, it is limitless, and only great art will survive. This is the end. This is the task.

Either do the impossible, or watch others do it.


This blog is a lesson on how I made my second independent no-budget feature, called The Impossible Murder. You can visit the official website on I will discuss the challenges I faced in its making and distribution.

As I go along, I will try to focus on all aspects of the production, but if you need clarification, please do not hesitate to ask. I will try my best to answer any pertinent questions.

So, here we go.

Producer/Director of The Impossible Murder