Sony A7s Guide

How to create dailies and work with LUTs using Catalyst Browse

Please watch the review of Catalyst Browse before you watch this quick tutorial:

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Sony’s free Catalyst Browse software product is currently not capable of batch transcoding of XAVC-S. It can only transcode one clip at a time.

Ian Cook from Sony Broadcast and Professional Services posted a short message on the Avid forum stating that he was working to get batch transcoding back into the Browse product.

What would I use it for?

I wouldn’t use Catalyst Browse as a replacement to ingest and logging software like Prelude, Onset Dailies, Resolve, etc. At this point it is too limited, though with future revisions things might change.

It is good for quick transcoding to Prores (only on Macs) and for the creation of LUTs that you can import in other software. The format is the standard *.cube 3D LUT. As mentioned in the last lesson, Browse is a good backup to Resolve, though Resolve has issues too.