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Module C: Exposing and monitoring

  1. A quick overview of the options available in camera for exposing and monitoring
  2. XAVC S vs AVCHD vs MP4 – which to use?
  3. Usable ISO Range – How low can you go with the Sony A7s?
  4. Auto White Balance vs Custom White Balance – When to use which?
  5. A Thorough Comparison of Creative Styles and Picture Profiles
  6. A Comparison of Cine profiles for skin tones (excluding S-log2 and Hypergamma)
  7. How to tweak picture profiles, a detailed walkthrough
  8. S-Log2 Exposure and Monitoring Workflow – the Wolfcrow System
  9. Handy exposure cheat sheet for any situation
  10. Solution to the blue clipping problem?

Module D: Data wrangling, working with LUTs and color grading

  1. Data requirements for the Sony A7s
  2. File Organization and Metadata
  3. Sony Catalyst Browse review: What’s it good for?
  4. How to create dailies and work with LUTs using Catalyst Browse
  5. How to create dailies and work with LUTs using DaVinci Resolve
  6. A complete S-Log2 grading walkthrough in Adobe Speedgrade
  7. Printable PDF Infographic on the S-Log2 on-set production workflow
  8. How to edit XAVC S footage?
  9. How to work with XAVC S S-Log2 Footage in Final Cut Pro X
  10. Comparison of Film Emulation LUTs – Filmconvert vs Magic Bullet Film vs Juan Malera’s Free LUTs
  11. A Comparison of Noise Reduction Techniques for Log footage shot on the Sony a7S II and a7R II

Module E: Audio workflows

  1. Quality of internal recording compared to external recorders
  2. How to record and monitor audio on the Sony A7s
  3. How to record dual system audio with the Sony A7s
  4. My simple audio post production workflow

Module F: External monitoring, recording and 4K workflows

  1. What do you get with HDMI anyway? A detailed look.
  2. How to connect and use an external monitor and electronic viewfinder
  3. How to expose correctly using the False Color tool
  4. How to record 4K from the Sony A7s and what’s the cheapest way?
  5. Atomos Shogun Workflows: 
    1. Atomos Shogun Review
    2. Step-by-step configuration guide and workflow with the Sony A7s
    3. What hard drives to use with the Shogun, and a data strategy for 4K editing
    4. How to expose correctly using the Shogun
      1. An Overview of the Tools Available for Exposure in the Atomos Shogun
      2. Rec. 709
      3. Cine modes
      4. S-Log2
      5. S-Log2 4K/UHD
    5. Quality of internal 1080p recording compared to Prores on the Shogun
      1. Resolution, Noise and Dynamic Range
      2. Latency, Grading and Chroma key  stress tests
      3. My recommendations: When should you shoot Prores for 1080p?
    6. Quality of 4K recording, and which Prores version to use

Module G: Timelapse workflows

  1. Understanding Bracketing in the Sony A7s
  2. JJC TM-F2 Review: Intervalometer for the Sony A7s
  3. How to Make Timelapses with the JJC TM-F2 Intervalometer and the Sony A7s: My Workflow

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