Sony A7s Guide

Is there an advantage in turning on OSS (SteadyShot) for Sony FE lenses?

Here’s a quick video that should rest all doubts!

OSS (Optical Stabilization) or SteadyShot is image stabilization technology that exists in some Sony FE lenses (They’ll have “OSS” at the end of their names).

When these lenses are used on the A7s, you can turn on SteadyShot in the camera to get a smoother video. In the above video, I’ve been handholding the camera. You can see how on the left OSS is turned off and the video is shaky. On the right, it’s turned on and the image is more fluid and less jarring. This is especially helpful with longer focal lengths. This particular video was shot at 70mm using the 24-70mm kit lens.

To turn on SteadyShot, go to CAMERA > 7 > SteadyShot (2nd option) and Turn On.


These are important topics raised by subscribers that shed more light on this lesson.

Q. Are there any situations where OSS is not to be used?

A. Whenever you want absolute control over how your camera moves (usually for emotional impact), you want to turn OSS off.

The only other situation where you might want to turn it off is if your battery is dying. OSS does take extra power to run, and the A7s already has a tiny battery so take that into consideration.

Q. Does OSS help when used on sliders, jibs, etc.?

A. Not in theory. However, if the slider has tiny bumps it can be smoothened out with OSS. Therefore, unless you know for certain you don’t want it, it’s a good idea to keep it turned on.