Sony A7s Guide

Quick Guide to Focusing Manually

Even though this was made for the a7S, it applies to the a7R II and S II as well. Here’s my quick guide to manually focusing your camera:

Note: I’ll publish an additional video on focus peaking soon.

Note: When I mention focus peaking doesn’t work well in low contrast scenes, the example I’m showing isn’t the right one.

Quick Reference

Here’s a quick summary of my manual focus settings:

Setting Value
Focus Mode Manual Focus
MF Assist Irrelevant, only for stills
Focus Magnif. Time No Limit
Peaking Level Mid (For very bright sunlit scenes, Low works better when zoomed in)
Peaking Color Yellow
C1 and C2/C3* Focus Magnification – C1 for top position when I’m standing near the camera and C2/C3 for when I’m standing back

*On the a7S, it’s C2. On the a7R II and SII it’s C3. It’s the exact same button, just different names!