Sony A7s Guide

Timecode and syncing workflow

The Sony A7s has unexplored features for multi-cam editing:

A7s workflow

Until I have further information, I’m not going into details here. Just for starters:

  • TC refers to timecode.
  • UB refers to User Bits. It is eight digits in the hexadecimel system written asXX:XX:XX:XX. The cool thing is you can assign values yourself to this. E.g., in a mult-cam setup, if you have four cameras (C1 to C4), you’re in reel three (R3), scene 12 (12) and shot 4 (04), you can write out the UB code as follows: C3:R3:12:04. This helps synchronize cameras in a multicamera editing environment. Whether or not this is useful remains to be seen.
  • Rec flag is a record start/stop flag

Initially, I felt the Sony A7s is capable of genlock via an external recorder. Let’s see if this is true or not. I’m pretty sure the camera will throw up more secrets as time goes by!